The Watson IP Group : Experienced Innovation and Brand Protection and Management

THE WHY: We Love Intellectual Property. The picture above is a part of the patent notice plaque from one of the electric generators operating at Niagara Falls in 1899. Today, this plaque hangs prominently on the wall in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. This simple patent notice speaks volumes. It speaks to innovation, and the ability to light the world at night. It speaks of success of people, companies and countries. It speaks of freedom to seek a better way and a better future; Tesla, a Serb, and Schmid, a Swiss, were immigrants to America and are forever immortalized in this patent notice. Above all, it speaks of inspiration to those that followed; reliable and dependable electricity itself formed the basis for so many inventions and innovations. All through a simple patent notice on a then-new piece of equipment intended to power lights.

At the Watson IP Group, we see that Intellectual Property protection as integral to innovation, success, freedom and inspiration. And we are grateful for the opportunity to assist our clients by protecting their Intellectual Property. Just as Dr. Watson assisted Sherlock Holmes solve the unsolvable and Watson assisted Alexander Graham Bell in his quest to transmit the human voice through wires, the Watson IP Group is here to help the innovators of today.

US: The Watson IP Group has its principal office in in Western Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids, with satellite offices in Downtown Chicago, Metro Washington, DC, and Orange County, California. Our attorneys practice only in Intellectual Property, and, have a rich, diverse backgrounds that includes being former patent examiners, BigLaw partners, multi-national negotiators.

In addition to our offices and professionals in the United States, we have a network of Intellectual Property associates that span every continent, with the exception of Antarctica (we’re not there…..yet). And, many of these international relationships with our associates have been established and nurtured for decades. For large litigation projects we are aligned with large domestic law firms and work closely in collaborative efforts where we can take advantage of our expertise while having the ability to ramp up teams of litigators.

OUR CLIENTS: Our firm represents a wide range of clients, including large, Fortune 100, multinational corporations, small to midsize corporations, and startups in the United States and Internationally. From this wide range of representation, we are exceedingly well suited to provide custom tailored solutions.

Our firm is driven to establishing and nurturing long term relationships with our clients. We have worked with many of our clients even before founding the Watson IP Group. We have represent startups from the time they “start up”. We represent market leaders in new and established industries. And, we are here for the long haul. The patent reproduced below, United States Patent 6,988,639, issued in 2006, represents the first patent secured by the Watson IP Group in 2006. We are proud to have had over 350 patents issue to clients of ours in the ensuing years. And, we are proud to continue to represent the client for whom we secured the ‘639 patent. Similarly, the trademark certificate reproduced below, United States TM Registration 917,866, issued in 1971 represents the oldest managed trademark of the Watson IP Group, and the client representation by an attorney of the firm predates the formation of the Watson IP Group by a decade. We strive to earn our client’s long term trust.