Understanding a Trademark Specimen of Use

Frequently Asked Questions about Basics, Timing, Sufficiency and Reasons for Rejection of a Trademark Specimen When will I have to provide a specimen of use for my Trademark? At some point in the life of a trademark, the trademark owner must submit a specimen of use evidencing use of the trademark in commerce. Specimen of […]

Effective Use of the USPTO Patent Prosecution Highway

Should my Patent Application Merge onto the Superhighway Frequently Asked Questions about the Patent Prosecution Highway What is the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)? It may be possible to expedite the examination process in the US by taking advantage of earlier searches and opinions on the PCT International application or the underlying Priority Application. The Patent […]

US National Stage Patent Application Basics

The US is one of the largest recipients of national stage entries from a PCT International Patent Application. This is due to the US being one of the largest consumers of goods and services, one of the largest manufacturers and can be a favorable jurisdiction for patent enforcement. A national stage application becomes a US […]

What are the Steps to Obtaining a Federal Trademark Registration?

How to Obtain a Federal Trademark Registration To obtain a Federal trademark registration, the process is initiated by completing and submitting a Federal Trademark Application with the USPTO. The trademark application identifies the desired trademark, owner of the trademark, the particular goods and services that will be or are already in use with the trademark. […]

What is the Difference Between TM, SM and ®?

The Use of Different Trademark Marks Only a Federally Registered Trademark can use the coveted “circle R”, or ®. That is, it is improper under the law to use the “circle R” unless and until your trademark is Federally Registered. If a trademark is Federally Registered, it is an important deterrent to infringement to use […]

What are International Classes of Goods and Services?

Definition of International Classes The Trademark Office of the USPTO (and the trademark offices generally around the world) classify all of the different goods and services into forty-five different International Classes. Where this is of significance in the application process is that when an application is filed and examined, the Government filing fees are related […]